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    一.發展歷史 History of Development:



    Bell Group, as the high-tech company in the field of instrument and equipment, was established in 2005, integrating science, industry and trade, with  Bell Industry (HK) Co., Ltd established in Hong Kong, Dongguan Bell Experiment Equipment Co., Ltd & Dongguan Huanyu Testing Instrument Co., Ltd in Chinese mainland, as well as marketing and after service networks established in the big cities all over the country in succession.

    二.宗旨與導向 Mission and Direction:

    貝爾一貫以“科技保證質量,服務完善產品”為宗旨,以“****,銷售**;以誠相待,共享雙贏”為導向,具備完善的4S體系,銷售Sale、零配件Spare part、售后服務Service、信息反饋Survey環環相扣。貝爾以其廣泛深厚的國際關系、強大的營銷和售后服務力量、雄厚的技術實力,為您提供理想的研究、生產技術環境,產品廣泛應用于電子、半導體、醫藥、化工、化妝品、涂料、石油、食品等行業及高校、檢驗檢疫局、商檢、藥檢、軍科院、中科院等科研機構。經過多年的經驗積累,貝爾能夠為您提供IT、半導體、醫藥、化工、食品等行業產品檢測及品質管理的整體實驗室解決方案和專業化服務。

    Bell always takes “ guarantee quality with science and technology, improve products with service” as the mission and “service first, sales second; be honest with each other, share the win-win result” as the direction, with complete 4S system (Sale, Spare parts, Service and Survey ). Bell can provides you with the ideal technological environment of research and production through its wide and deep international relationship, strong strength of marketing, after service and technology. The products are widely used in various industries such as electron, semi-conductor, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics, coating, petroleum, food etc. as well as scientific research institutes such as  university, inspection and quarantine bureau, commodity inspection, drug inspection, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chinese Academic of Sciences etc.. Based on the rich experiences accumulated for many years, Bell is able to provide you with the complete lab solution and professional service for the product testing and quality management in such industries as IT, semi-conductor, medicine, chemical industry, food etc..

    三.經營理念 Operation Philosophy:


     Good faith at present creates market and profit for the future. Focused on customers and based on quality, Bell provides the target market with the first-class service which brings the maximum value-added benefit to the customers, establishing the long-term, mutual-trust and win-win cooperative relationship with customers.

    四.服務理念 Service Philosophy:


    We resolve the actual difficulties for the customers by providing prompt and efficient service. Over the years, in order to meet the customers’ demand, Bell continuously resolves the  repair difficulties in other imported brand instrument for the customers in addition to provision of after service and repairs for our own products and the distributed ones, building up a good image for the Company.

    五.生產和銷售的產品主要有 Main Products Produced and Sold:


        Environmental testing machine: burn-in chamber, walk-in temperature & humidity testing chamber, temperature & humidity chamber, low/high temperature testing chamber, quick rise and drop of temperature testing chamber, cold & hot shock testing chamber, salt spay tester, intelligent dry testing chamber, UV weather-proof testing chamber etc.



       Paper product testing equipment: drop tester, electronic bursting strength testing machine, paper box compression-resistant testing machine, ring/side compression testing machine, transportation vibration tester,  printing ink durability tester, layer peeling strength tester, universal material testing machine etc.



        Mobile phone/battery testing equipment: battery impact testing machine, battery squeeze testing machine, battery acupuncture testing machine, mobile phone drop testing machine, electromagnetic vibration tester, RCA tapes wear-resistant testing machine, alcohol wear-resistant testing machine etc.


    Rubber/plastics testing equipment: melt flow rate measurer, no-rotor vulkameter etc.

    六.產品應用領域 Application Areas of Products :


    Products are widely used in various industries such as scientific research, aviation, electron, electrical engineering, toys, paper products, hardware, battery,  post and communication etc.. The Company, based on its own advantage of talent, technology and funds, provides the enterprises and institutes , such as scientific research, electrical engineering, electron, military, aviation, vessel, post and communication, automobile, motorcycle etc., with all kinds of environmental and mechanical testing equipments conforming to such standards as GB, GJB, IEC, MIL, DIN etc..


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